Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poignant Reminder: Days Before Death, Tony Scott Was Full Of Life - Embraced TOP GUN 3D

As anyone who follows me in my social circles has noticed since the untimely death of director Tony Scott, I have been vocal in my shock and in my remembrance of the man. I had refrained from posting anything on MarketSaw because I didn't think I could represent him well enough.

Well as it turns out, my friend Barry Sandrew (who runs Legend3D) posted a heartfelt memorial to Scott on his blog REFLECTIONS ON THE GROWTH OF 3D that resonated with me and I thought this would be appropriate to share with my readers. I have already retweeted his post and shared via Facebook and Google+ but wanted MarketSaw to be a part of it too.

What really captured my attention was just how down to earth and candid Mr. Scott was. Approachable. And what a visionary! He saw what 3D could do for TOP GUN and embraced it. His first comment to the Legend3D team (who did the 3D conversion for TOP GUN 3D) was "Legend3D, you guys are f___king awesome!" and he treated them with no ego whatsoever. I let a huge smile spread across my face when I read his comment.

I think he probably knew the effect of awe he had on others. People that have worked with him over the years know. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man and I wish I had. So this is my memorial for Tony, vicariously through Barry: Godspeed to you Mr. Scott. You had the big picture. My thoughts have been and will be with the Scott family.

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