Friday, October 19, 2012

Lytro Cameras Getting 3D Parallax Software Update

Tim here, by the end of the year that cool Lytro camera that allows you to choose focus after you take the photo will be adding a software update by the end of the year that allows you to also choose 3D parallax. When the Lytro camera was first announced one of the early ideas was to use this technology for 3D image capture. Since the cameras record light rays in terms of the direction, color, and intensity of their travel, it's entirely possible to use that information to construct a 3D scene. At first however the technology was limited to choosing focus.

The below video is from the Engadget who went to the Lytro launch in Hong Kong, where the company previewed those parallax effects coming soon. The update allows users to pan around the scene slightly, and the subject adjusts accordingly. It's pretty cool.

A Lytro rep (in the video) said the new feature would be added by the end of the year, and would be pushed out via software update. Also, since the raw data needed for the parallax effect is already present in all pictures, it will work on photos taken before the update is launched.

This is definitely going to be a must have this holiday season. Lytro also mentioned to be working on support for 3D monitors and TVs. Drop hints to loved ones and look for this nifty stocking stuffer.

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