Thursday, January 31, 2013

WOW! Duncan Jones Is Leveling Up To Direct Warner's WORLD OF WARCRAFT Adaptation!

One of the world's brightest young directors is being given a shot to craft a full blown feature film about the stunningly popular and enduring MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game) WORLD OF WARCRAFT (WoW).

Duncan Jones (MOON, SOURCE CODE) is being inked to bring the game to life and I think the youthful energy that  he brings to the table is exactly what is needed with this production.

All this is kinda old news to me as Peter Jackson is already adapting THE HOBBIT from the MMORPG known as LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online). Ok, joking. But seriously, I like LOTRO so much more than WoW. AND, it is free to play. I'm not kidding. Yes, you'll probably wind up spending $40 at some point but seriously you won't have to spend any more than that to play the game indefinitely and truly enjoy it. And if you are a bit of a miser, you don't have to pay a cent. Ever. But I digress...

It looks like WORLD OF WARCRAFT is heading for a 2015 launch date which makes it a VERY exciting year indeed for features. Lensing is looking to see light this fall.

There is no word at all about whether WORLD OF WARCRAFT would be in 3D or not, but with the studio spending over $100m on this and Warner's history with the Harry Potter finale and pushing MAN OF STEEL to 3D, I'd say it's looking good for this one too. I'd wager a 3D conversion at this point. I'll let you know the moment I know more...

Oh and a bit of trivia - Jones is the son of legendary rocker David Bowie...

Source: Heat Vision

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