Sunday, February 10, 2013

TOP GUN 3D Impresses! Nostalgia And Great 3D Make For A Wonderful IMAX Experience

Definitely recommended. TOP GUN 3D delivers of the action and memories of the original Tom Cruise movie but with depth and added emotion.

Legend3D is responsible for the 3D conversion and they did an outstanding job considering that the original was not 4K remastered. It was fascinating to see an old school "film" converted for IMAX because you can see the film grain and obviously that would present some issues for a conversion. And yet Legend3D delivered. Yes there were some small items of note (the beach volleyball scene has some very tiny issues with the net that lasted about 2 seconds) but overall I was shocked at how well the whole thing looked blown up on a huge IMAX screen.

Some of the scenes must be addressed individually because they looked stunning in 3D. The POV shot overlooking the tail (with smoke streamers) of the navy jet after takeoff - WOW. The runway night shot with the flashing landing lights and Cruise's motorcycle nearby looked great. One of the highlights is seeing a 3 dimensional view of a reflection in the jet's cockpit canopy glass - amazing.

The emotional scenes draw you in more in 3D. You feel like you are in that blistering hot aircraft carrier about to get chewed out for a tower flyby. It's a rather intense experience to see a movie that you watched over and over again in younger years presented in such a modern, immersive fashion. It's almost dreamlike.

And finally, this was a Tony Scott film. If you're a fan then what better way to celebrate his memory than to go to the cinema and see one of his better films on the big screen. You may not have another chance like this one. Think about Scott's warm use of color, his attention to time of day scenes, intense, emotional closeups and his use of soundtrack. Frankly I was in awe of his ability to simply create a blockbuster movie! The resources and cooperation needed to pull off TOP GUN was staggering.

If you haven't seen TOP GUN let alone TOP GUN 3D, then don't wait - get out and see it! It's only in IMAX theaters for less than a week now. Trust me, if you liked the original classic movie then you'll love TOP GUN 3D.

TOP GUN 3D is also now available for preorder in Blu-ray at Amazon.

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