Tuesday, April 09, 2013

NAB Show 2013: Dolby, Philips And CPG Partner On Autostereoscopic 3D TV

My good friend David Cohen over at Variety broke this story involving the new partnership of Dolby Laboratories, Royal Philips Electronics and the Cameron Pace Group for the support of autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D TV. Very interesting development!!

"3D is not really going to be successful as a mainstream viewing medium for consumers until it’s as easy as sitting down and watching the content," said Giles Baker, SVP, Broadcast Business Group of Dolby. "In order to deliver that best experience, you really need to embed a deep understanding of how the content was created into the 3D content."

Says Vince Pace of the Cameron Pace Group:  "The model for 3D success is from companies that know what they’re doing, know the combination of quality and technology. So Dolby was perfect fit for CPG."

"People will see entertainment as they experience everyday life and CPG will take the business steps to make that happen. That was done in the theatrical world, when Jim (Cameron) committed to making a film in 3D when digital cameras, digital cinemas, were all in their infancy. If you look at the broadcast model, to describe it as in its infancy is correct. But we see that as an opportunity for us. That’s the kind of market we like to play in."

The article paraphrases what Steve Schklair of 3ality Technica told Variety: '3D live broadcasting had stalled in part because of the lack of a strong business model in the U.S.'.

I will update this story as it unfolds, but for now it's an exciting next step toward glasses free 3D and the future of the small screen.

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