Friday, April 26, 2013

Netflix Adds 3D Streaming!

Tim here, with some really exciting news for Netflix subscribers! It turns out that along with the Super HD feature Netflix provides subscribers can also now stream 3D movies and television content for select titles in the United States with the following devices:

Sony PlayStation 3 (connected TV must support 3D)
LG TV Series: LM6200, LM6400, LM6600, LM6650, LM6700, LM7600, LS5700, LS5750, PM4700, PM6700, PM6900, PM9700

Additional device support coming soon!

To stream titles in 3D, your Internet Provider needs to be connected to Netflix's new content delivery network - Netflix Open Connect. I visited their Super HD page to see if my Internet Provider is connected and found that it isn't. Not yet, as I can contact them to ask them to connect. Open Connect is required for both Super HD and 3D streaming.

If you have a compatible device and your Internet Provider is connected to Netflix Open Connect, you can find 3D titles by looking for the 3D logo. Please note that 3D streaming requires an Internet connection speed of at least 6Mb/s, while 12Mb/s will deliver their highest 3D video quality.Some of the titles available today for 3D Streaming are: The Adventures of Tintin, Jackass 3D, 3D Dive, 3D Safari, Dolphins: The Ultimate Guide, Sky Soldier, AniMen: The Galactic Battle, Oscar's Oasis 3D, Angelo Rules 3D, and Plankton Invasion 3D.

Also, in a recent interview Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said that Netflix subscribers can also expect 4K streaming in a year or two. This can only help improve the quality for 3D Streaming. From his point of view "streaming will be the best way to get the 4K picture into people's homes. That's because of the challenges involved in upgrading broadcast technologies and the fact that it isn't anticipated within the Blu-ray disc standard." He goes on to add "4K will likely be streamed first before it goes anywhere else." Combined with the 3D Streaming service this will mean that Netflix will continue to dominate the home entertainment industry.

Some very exciting services coming out of Netflix this year and in the next year or two. Their 3D Streaming selections will only increase over time. Hopefully soon they'll also do their own orignal series in 3D just as they did with House of Cards, which was shot in 4K. Keep a watch out for Netflix 3D!

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