Friday, August 09, 2013

Want To See A New HERCULES BTS Photo? Direct From The Rock!

Straight away - I don't know if HERCULES will be in 3D, but I'm guessing that they're going to have to convert it to 3D in post to effectively combat Renny Harlin's HERCULES 3D starring Kellan Lutz which is also due in 2014. One thing is certain, that's not a 3D rig in the photo.

Either way, you have to enjoy Dwayne Johnson's tweets, especially when the man is on set. That's the case with his current project HERCULES which is currently shooting. Yes it's being directed by Brett Ratner and I've never been a great fan of his, but the RUSH HOUR movies made a mint (and were ok). I'm just not tuned into his work.

Back to Johnson - he seems to always have a great catchphrase with his set tweets too. Take the one that came with this photo:

No 'over-intellectualized actor speak'. Straight gut talk..bring it on motherf*cker. #EpicWar #HERCULESMovie

Got a way with words right? We'll have more on whether HERCULES goes 3D and definitely more on HERCULES 3D from Harlin. Confused? Don't blame you!

HERCULES opens on July 25, 2014 while HERCULES 3D is slated for March, 2014.

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