Friday, September 27, 2013

Tim's Initial Thoughts And Overview of TIS3DC

Hello everyone, Tim here, and I've got a few posts from the Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference (TIS3DC) that will happen through the next week as I collect the notes and images together into Dreamweaver. This first one will cover the big news bits from the second day, and the third day and fourth day will get individual, combined, and special posts, and the big news coming from The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet will be getting it's own post, including a repost of the trailer. News on North American distribution on that film will hopefully be coming soon.

The first day for me was the second, and the opening night's remarks were witnessed by Jim Dorey as I was delayed by traffic crossing the border on a Friday via automobile and checking into my hotel. There are some future posts that will cover specific notes that are in connection with one another. The third day included a special IMAX screening (Born to be Wild), and a preview of a new IMAX documentary (Island of the Lemurs: Madagascar), that included the producer sharing a lot of great bits about the experiences on both. Jim's panel was the third day in the evening following great previews from several key speakers, including the Skype interview with Jean Pierre-Jeanet and his stereographer Demetri Portelli, who was there live in person. The fourth day was a technical day that included a workshop with Portelli and his 3D Production Systems Engineer Ben Gervais, HFR footage was discussed and shown, and again we can't stress how much the stereo industry likes HFR, but research seems to be proving that variable frame rates for playback could be important. More on that in a later post. Brightness was a key talk…

The biggest sense I got was a disappointment in the theatrical system because of the worldwide lack of proprietorship to give the best experience. On a technical level it's being provided, but staff is looked upon poorly for when there's an issue with any technical issue. Even Jean Pierre-Jeanut mentioned during his Skype interview a lacking willingness in France to upgrade the systems and bulbs, plus he displayed preference to a specific system. The greatest hope is for the auto-stereoscopic displays that are on their way. Since certain people couldn't exactly say certain things about certain companies, I don't want to venture into repeating their off-handed comments about auto-stereoscopic tablets that are near. However, the experience I've had with autostereoscopic screens on MasterImages preview devices was good enough that we'll all be in for treats when the public gets their hands on them. By the way, most of us understand people watch short videos on smart phones and will expect stereo content for them. Stereo on phones will have less of a stereo depth because the screen size will always impede it, but it is possible to scale something for that level. Resolution will dictate screen size, and for the big theatrical experience resolution seems like it's going to keep climbing.

Surround Sound is going to get it's own post, as there are some theatrical developments happening with Dolby Atmos and more. The honor of coolest use of PowerPoint/Keynote software for presentation goes to Julian Pinn, who used a method of zooming in to a specific section of his whole presentation keynotes. It reminded me of some of the things that are possible using pinch zooming and scrolling on mobile devices. Needless to say there were further animations within and it overall did a great job giving everyone an understanding that sound isn't done evolving yet. Some buddies of mine in the industry will find this a great post when it comes.

Overall the conference was a great success, and the team who put it together should be proud. A full list of those individuals can be found on their site. Special thanks must be given to them for allowing so many industry to come together. Look out for the next post, which will be on it's way soon.

One final note of a rumor worth repeating: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug may be getting a trailer in front of Gravity on October 4th! Many are excited for the audience's reaction to the stereo in that movie, so a 3D trailer for DOS seems likely since it's the last major Warner Bros. release before the release of DOS.

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