Thursday, October 03, 2013

Ang Lee Has Tapped Peter Morgan (RUSH) To Write His 3D Ali - Frasier Film

Perfect! Universal has tapped Peter Morgan (RUSH, FROST/NIXON, THE QUEEN) to write Ang Lee's next untitled project which centers on the rivalry between boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in the 1960-70s. Morgan is ideal to pen the project with his ability to squeeze out a compelling movie from real life rivals, like he did with James Hunt vs. Niki Lauda in RUSH (race car driving) and David Frost vs. Richard Nixon (political interviews).

Ang Lee of course won Oscar for Best Director for LIFE OF PI which astounded audiences with gorgeous cinematography and practically perfect 3D. Lee is also shooting his boxing rivalry movie in native 3D so I am definitely in high anticipation for this production!

Says Morgan: "It’s a look at how brutal the confrontations were between Ali and Frazier. They were marked by how aggressive Ali was towards Frazier out of the ring. He taunted and belittled him. [Ang Lee] wants to work with 3D technology that will make an audience feel as if they’re inside the ring. 

Further, Ang wants to actually use real footage of the original fights and bring in the actors through visual effects - should be a jaw dropping experience! I am thinking about those technically complex scenes in FORREST GUMP that brought Tom Hanks face to face with historical figures, only with modern technology and 3D.

Sounds dramatic and knowing Lee, he will indeed succeed in bringing us into the foray. More when I get it!

Source: Daily Mail

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