Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guy Ritchie's KING ARTHUR To Be Released In 3D

Couple of pieces of news here - firstly, Guy Ritchie has been finally confirmed to helm KING ARTHUR (he has been attached since 2010) for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow and secondly it will be in 3D. Whether or not it will be a native 3D production or a conversion is still being held closely to the vest. Always hoping for native!

KING ARTHUR is expected to be released on July 22, 2016 and it looks to be the first of a six film franchise.

Here's a teaser of the King Arthur legend courtesy of Wikipedia:
Although the themes, events and characters of the Arthurian legend varied widely from text to text, and there is no one canonical version, Geoffrey's version of events often served as the starting point for later stories. Geoffrey depicted Arthur as a king of Britain who defeated the Saxons and established an empire over Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Gaul. Many elements and incidents that are now an integral part of the Arthurian story appear in Geoffrey's Historia, including Arthur's father Uther Pendragon, the wizard Merlin, Arthur's wife Guinevere, the sword Excalibur, Arthur's conception at Tintagel, his final battle against Mordred at Camlann and final rest in Avalon. The 12th-century French writer Chr├ętien de Troyes, who added Lancelot and the Holy Grail to the story, began the genre of Arthurian romance that became a significant strand of medieval literature. In these French stories, the narrative focus often shifts from King Arthur himself to other characters, such as various Knights of the Round Table. Arthurian literature thrived during the Middle Ages but waned in the centuries that followed until it experienced a major resurgence in the 19th century. In the 21st century, the legend lives on, not only in literature but also in adaptations for theatre, film, television, comics and other media.

More info when I get it!

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