Monday, July 21, 2014

Finally! XBOX ONE Gets 3D Blu-ray Support

Yes! Finally Microsoft will be implementing 3D Blu-ray support for it's XBOX ONE console with a new software update coming in August. This marks the first time the XBOX platform will offer the cool feature.

This is HUGE news in the platform gaming and entertainment field. 3D support adds the immersion that is expected with console owners as anyone with a PS3 and 3D TV will attest to.

Some other improvements coming with the update:
  • Activity feed updates, and expanded friend area on Home screen: you'll be able to see what your friends are doing, and be more aware of it right from the Xbox One dashboard. And it'll show how long a friend's been away from his or her console.
  • Mobile purchases: You can buy games or other content from the SmartGlass app or from, and have it download right to your Xbox One remotely.
  • Low battery notification: You can already peek at your controller's battery level, but a pop-up warning now lets you know when it needs a recharge.
  • Disable notifications during video: It's amazing this wasn't available before.
  • OneGuide in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland: Four more countries can try connecting their Xbox One to their TV and browse TV listings.
Those with early preview access could get these updates as soon as this week.

Sony's Playstation 4 still hasn't updated with 3D support as of yet, but it is expected as they did with the Playstation 3 support for 3D Blu-rays (that I am still enjoying tremendously).

Now I'm considering an XBOX ONE purchase whereas I've always been a Sony guy. Congratulations on the 3D support Microsoft! Thanks for the heads up Tobias!

Source: XBOX Wire

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