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THEORY: Is Gentleman Ghost A Villain In BATMAN V. SUPERMAN? Check The First Official Image Of Superman

Beware first glances! You may overlook something. Ok, it's Henry Cavill in his Superman outfit. So what? Well for starters, does that look like Metropolis to you? More like Gotham correct? Yes, it's the location that counts here and the image certainly does convey the dreariness of the city if it does indeed turn out to be Gotham.

Note the smoking chimneys on the left hand side of the photo. That looks like the industrial revolution to me - and interesting inclusion for the downtown skyline of Gotham. It almost looks out of place, time wise that is. If it is Gotham. Perhaps it's London in the 1800's? Let me explain...

Looking down to the small clue that was left in the image: "LF GHO..." - LF is the common abbreviation for "Looking For" and GHO could very well be the first three letters of GHOST - or better known to DC comic fans as "Gentleman Ghost" or Jim Craddock. Craddock was a robber who lived in England during 19th century. Eventually he becomes a phantom and must walk the earth until the spirit of his killer moves on to the next plane of existence. Unfortunately for him - that can't happen (you can read more via the link at the end of the post).

The point is - he is immortal and has battled both Batman and Superman at various times. In the DC comic universe, Ghost is a member of the Injustice Society. BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE may explore some of the origins story of Ghost - or at least set the stage somewhat. And I'm just saying, that looks like London at SOME point in history. Time and dimensions are not really a problem for Superman as most comic book aficionados know, so he could very well be standing in 1800's London.

Here are Ghost's powers and abilities (from wikipedia):
Originally, the Gentleman Ghost seemed to rely on devices to simulate a ghostly existence; the original 1940s stories left the question of his nature open to speculation. Later, however, he is retconned into a true ghost and his abilities altered to follow suit. As a ghost, Craddock has several abilities. He can become intangible and pass effortlessly through solid material. He can become completely invisible. In fact, the appearance of his head as a floating hat and monocle is actually him rendering his decayed face invisible. He has been shown as being able to teleport as short a distance as a few rooms or as far as across states. Gentleman Ghost can also summon spectral weapons including a cane that shoots spectral fire and flintlock pistols. When passing through Craddock's ghostly form, people will sometimes experience an intense feeling of cold. Since this does not happen every time, it would seem that he can control this effect. Craddock can apparently track psionic energy and travel across dimensions as he did when he followed an astral tether from the Wizard to Johnny Sorrow. On certain occasions most of the manifestations of his abilities like teleportation and phasing are accompanied by a purple glow of spectral energy or transparent mist (possibly courtesy of different pencilers). Around the time of his prophesied return to life, he gains the power to summon and control the spirits of the dead due to his mother's spirit spending centuries recruiting them to help her son. It is unknown if he can still call upon them.

The Gentleman Ghost is apparently unable to touch or be touched by virgins. This is confirmed by his inability to do harm to both Stargirl and Jakeem Thunder. However, he can pick up a real weapon and be able to hurt them, as when he brandished the Cosmic Rod.

As a supernatural being, Gentleman Ghost cannot be killed and is very hard to hurt. However, those with royal blood can physically harm him and, when unaware, energy hitting him causes pain.

In the episode "Dawn of The Deadman" of Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series, it is shown that if he is hit with Nth metal, he will momentarily show his true form, reverting to a decayed version of himself with black suit and hat. As shown in the same episode, he can also be hurt by other ghosts, as Deadman is able to hit him. It is also shown that if he is out cold then he remains in his black form. Also, despite the fact that he is easily defeated by Batman during the early episodes, Gentleman Ghost later demonstrates that he is a skilled hand-to-hand/martial combatant, as shown for example when he simultaneously fights with Batman and Deadman. His heroic Earth-Three counterpart reverses his color scheme, appearing as a ghost with a black suit and hat and turning white when hit.

This actually makes sense to me as DC really has to play catch up very fast in order to not be overwhelmed by the coming onslaught of all that is Marvel. It would make sense to have a super villain of Ghost's caliber as he is somewhat analogous in some few ways to Marvel's Thanos.

And get this - Ghost could tie in a number of other very well known characters in Sherlock Holmes (no longer protected under copyright) and even lure Batman and Supe to London (as what occurred in Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame with Batman at least). Probably a bit too far down the rabbit hole, but interesting conjecture at this point.

I think there are some tantilizing clues in this first official photo that points to the Gentleman Ghost, Jim Craddock as a super villain in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and in fact sets up their nemesis group called the Injustice Society.

What do you think? Think I am on track or way off? Time will tell! :-)

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE opens on May 6, 2016 starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Momoa, Amy Adams, Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, Scoot McNairy, Tao Okamoto, and Jeremy Irons.

Gentleman Ghost material courtesy of Wikipedia

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