Monday, September 22, 2014

Will We Get The DEADPOOL We All Want?

As you probably know, it's official. DEADPOOL will be upon us on February 12, 2016. The question now is will it be authentic or a studio ravaged shell of what could have been?

I'm hearing rumors from a few sources that Fox is indeed leaning toward a PG-13 rating which is NOT in the best interest of the character and therefore the story. Vicious language is the single most in-your-face trait of the "Merc with a mouth", without which I'm about as excited to see it as I am a Wolverine movie without his claws. Fox needs to pay attention to this. I don't care what sort of gimmick you have up your sleeve to try and get away with it, I want AN AUTHENTIC CHARACTER. They're already screwed up his first screen appearance. I fully expect more.

The one saving grace? Kevin Feige is producing. He is Mr. Marvel and if anyone can enforce a proper character and build a suitable franchise it's him. But again, I don't want a compromise! I want DEADPOOL.

I've even heard someone say that if I liked the leaked test footage (see video below), then you will like a PG-13 full movie. Perhaps. But I want to LOVE the full movie and I won't with the un-fermented "likeable" version.

The more intrusive studio heads sticking their opinions into a beloved and quite likely bankable super hero, the more likely this will turn out to bomb.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is perfect casting. I think they will get that right. But my opinion is DEADPOOL needs to be rated R for language and violence. If it isn't, look out for another box office albatross for Reynolds. RIPD and GREEN LANTERN are not a good indicator of his talent.

And for Pete's sake, shoot this thing in native 3D!

DEADPOOL is slated for a Feb 12, 2016 release.

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