Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whallopin' Websnappers!! Spidey Coming To Marvel Universe in 2017!!

Wow - wouldn't have thought I'd see this day happen any time soon, but here it is and the date will be July 28, 2017!

Yes Sony and Marvel have partnered to bring Peter Parker and Spider-man into Marvel's cinematic universe which means there is a great chance he is destined to join The Avengers as he should.

In the meanwhile Kevin Feige will produce the 2017 iteration of Spider-man along with Amy Pascal (who stepped down as Sony co-chairman). Sony will continue to own the webslinger's rights for distribution, financing and final cut and control.

As this is breaking news - there's not too much to report on, but suffice to say 2017 is looking like another awesome movie year.

Stay tuned for more...

Source: Variety

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