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AVATAR 2 UPDATE: This Could Be The First Facts Available About Sequel's Plot, Titling And Poster !

HELLO. Hmmm. Look forgive me for being a little reserved here - usually I'd be absolutely jumping up and down with anticipation here - but the AVATAR sequels are going to be simply mammoth movies around the world so yes, stories can be made up for click bait and presented for the Internet horde. But this resonates as being true. This story developed a day after I received word from my absolute top source on the AVATAR sequels that there wasn't anything safe to pass on to me at the current time. SO - is this authentic? I think so, otherwise I wouldn't post on it - but it doesn't come from me.

AVATAR II (yes, roman numerals - can't make out what the smaller font reads) will focus on a prison theme. Boom. Kind of makes sense given the atrocities that humans committed on Pandora - but will it be humans or Navi imprisoned? Speculation please!

Here's the quote from one of two artists (U.S.-based, Turkish designer Gökşan Özma) that have been short-listed (down from 10) to create the movie's poster on the subject matter for the plot:

"A prison theme will dominate the story and I have focused on that theme while designing this poster."

What lends credibility to the story is that Özma has already created work for such projects as NOAH, GRAVITY and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

He continues: "I am really excited about the result. My target is to come first in designing the poster for Avatar which will come out in 2017."

Personally, I'd suggest that if you want any chance of winning a competition for such a project shrouded in secrecy - you should keep things secret. Just a thought.

More from Özma: "When you close your eyes, forget the emotion and the story and think of the name of the movie only one frame survives in your mind – and that is the poster for the movie. If you can catch this point in designing a poster, then it means that you have succeeded."

Özma says the competition will be over at the end of the year (2015) and we'll know then what poster wins. The image above may or may not be the poster he is resting his laurels on, but seems in place from the source. Authentic? Again, I THINK so - but it's not from my trusted sources.

If true though - we have just heard a MAJOR plot point about AVATAR II, it's titling and a potential poster. EXCITING! More on this as I check with my source on further validation of this story - from your number one AVATAR source as always, MarketSaw.

Thanks to James for the heads-up!

Sources: Anadolu Agency | BGN News


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