Thursday, August 27, 2015

MUST WATCH: It's Here!! Our Trailers For 40 BELOW AND FALLING In 2D And 3D!

Most of you probably know that I'm producing 40 BELOW AND FALLING, and today is a rather large day for us as we're releasing our 2D and 3D trailers for the movie AND we're premiering the movie in 2D on Super Channel tonight (8pm)!

The 3D is standard side-by-side (SBS) format in YouTube. You'll need a 3D compatible monitor/TV and glasses to view. I use my Samsung TA950 27" monitor which will accept SBS.

A lot of awesome work from the team has gone into the production and I'd like to thank Dylan Pearce who directed the movie, Darren Arsenault who is executive producer and Andrew Scholotiuk who produced. An amazing team that also includes executive producers Brad Ferguson, Pierre-Andre Rochat, Roma Roth and a diverse Canadian cast and crew. Wes Miron was our cinematographer and Dylan Reade our stereographer - an awesome tandem. You can read more about the team on our movie's website. Oh and our grizzly bear - Whopper!

Here's the storyline for our movie:
After teaching in a northern, remote fly-in community, Kate Carter (Jewel Staite - FIREFLY, SERENITY, THE KILLING) is happy to be returning to civilization and her impending wedding. When a storm moves in, cancelling all flights and road travel, Kate is trapped in the middle of nowhere. She is forced to convince Redford (Shawn Roberts - RESIDENT EVIL, X-MEN), a surly stranger, to make the trip with her via snowmobile. Getting along like oil and water, Kate and Redford fight their way across country, facing terrible winter conditions, grizzled mountain men, wild animals and each other. As the journey culminates, Kate learns that there is more to Redford than just his rough exterior and when she finally makes it to her wedding, she’s no longer certain that she’s choosing the right man.

I hope you all really enjoy it and in turn see the movie! I think it's firing on all cylinders and is absolutely entertaining - love the characters! I'll have more news coming up soon.

2D Version:

3D Version:

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