Wednesday, December 16, 2015

China's 3D Influence: James Cameron's TERMINATOR 2 Getting 3D Treatment!

James Cameron has partnered with DMG Entertainment and Studiocanal to relaunch TERMINATOR 2 into worldwide theaters with a digitally remastered 3D version. This is amazing news as I really enjoyed the TITANIC re-release in 3D and I'm expecting the same level of mastery performed here. 

Stereo D will handle the conversion duties and I'm confident in their abilities when they're given the proper time and resources (Marvel conversions for example). Cameron will personally oversee the work, so yes, it'll be awesome.

They're aiming for 2016 and China is the main catalyst for the move. China absolutely is in love with 3D and as the second largest market (and will eventually become the largest) they command and deserve Hollywood's attention.

Says Cameron: "Next year marks the 25th anniversary of Terminator 2 and that seemed like the perfect time to bring it back but this time in an all-new 3D version. If you’ve never seen it, this will be the version you want to see and remember."

Can't wait for this. If there's anything from Tinseltown that's sublime, it's a Cameron 3D movie. 

Source: THR

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