Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot Hobbit News! Jackson Will Helm "The Hobbit" As Two 3D Prequels to LOTRs! AND...

UPDATE: DEC 2, 2007
Apparently Ain't It Cool News contacted Jackson's camp to confirm all of what I reported here - as if they are going to say something! (nice to try though). It will be no less than Peter Jackson and New Line (probably Bob Shaye) making this announcement when they do get around to it. I doubt they would give the honor to anyone else to break or confirm major stories. My source (who could also be considered in Jackson's camp) was very clear in stating that there is a +/- of 1 to 2 years for scheduling everything; my posting was not focusing on dates, but rather that Jackson will be doing The Hobbit, and doing it in 3D. At no time did I say he had signed a contract already! However I remain 100% certain he will direct based on my sources. It is only a question of when the announcement will be. If I could tell you that, then my source would have to be the man himself now wouldn't it? No, Peter is directing and I have the odds very high that the two Hobbit movies will be in 3D. Let's just see who is right in the end shall we?

Ok folks - this is hot off my sources and they are the ones who provided the Avatar Ney'tiri image so it is pretty darn reliable:

Peter Jackson will indeed DIRECT "The Hobbit"! This is my second source telling me this. You can be 100% SURE that this is happening. The story will be split into two separate movies as was previously thought with the second relating much more to "Lord of the Rings" than the first.

Wait, as if that wasn't enough: Here is the kicker people: "The Hobbit" will be in 3D. Yes. You heard it on MarketSaw first - both Hobbit movies will be shot in 3D. FURTHER, New Line and Peter Jackson then intend on converting the Lord of the Rings trilogy into 3D as well and re-releasing them in theaters between 2012 and 2014! How is that for big news??Awesome stuff!! I have this news from one source, not two.

Of course this is exclusive news and has not been announced by New Line or Peter Jackson yet. If my sources are 100% correct (and I have plenty of trust in them, believe me) then we are going to see an announcement relatively soon as "The Hobbit" is not a trivial project to be sure and needs to get ramped up!

Just what does this mean for the 3D movie industry? It means total validation. It underscores that if you are going to do a huge motion picture from today on, it had better be in 3D. George Lucas is still intending on converting his entire stable of Star Wars films into 3D too. The validation is huge for the movie industry as a whole and for the theater customers! Lets just hope that my sources are bang on as they usually are.

SAME DAY UPDATE: Here is an excerpt from my email with my source regarding CASTING:
"No casting info yet. But they are looking forward to bring back Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving. For these 3 actors, the chances are really good.
I'm not sure about the release date, but I think 2010 for the first film, and 2011 for second, is what they are trying to get into everybodys calendar. So it would make sense with my information of following with the converted Trilogy in 2012 – 2014. That is all happening, but there must be said, that there is a possibility of +/- 1 to 2 years to the whole thing. If I get to know more, I try to tell ya."
I would heavily suspect that Jackson will shoot "The Hobbit" back to back as he is an old pro at that now and heck you know damn well that its gonna rake in cash. And as my source pointed out, finding a window to fit everyone's schedule is going to be damn hard.

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