Monday, January 28, 2008

Word From Sources In Jackson Camp: Nothing Official Yet

I have received word from my sources embedded in Peter Jackson's camp and they are adamant that nothing has been finalized yet, despite rumors to the contrary (the original site is in French).

While it is true that there is a short list of potential directors and Del Toro has been going through the motions (whether a public relations smokescreen or not), absolutely nothing has been decided whatsoever. Jackson did contact Del Toro and talked about "possibilities" - plural. There is no word at all about him directing both movies and their discussion was solely about "The Hobbit" part one and their myriad of options.

This of course sets up the potential for Del Toro to direct the first movie and Jackson to direct the second as I posted today. And the original information that PJ would direct both may also still be 100%.

Is an announcement coming? Lets hope so - schedules mandate that it happens VERY soon. Our stance has softened on PJ doing both movies and has moved more toward the 50/50 directorial split due to the knowledge that PJ and GDT did in fact talk and it was about the first movie.

So, while insider information is subject to normal decision making - we endeavor to bring you the best information possible at any given time.

MarketSaw's stance as of right now? Del Toro directs Part One; Jackson directs Part Two. "We shall see what we shall see". Thats the best info we have at the moment. Straight to you.

No internal word on the 3D decision for "The Hobbit"(s) yet, but it could come out in the director announcement due VERY soon.

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