Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Look: Planet 51 Looks DAMN Good Even This Early!

**UPDATE - April 8th: Ilion Animation has requested the removal of this video clip - see this post for more details... I am complying - we will be getting fresh updates directly from Ilion when they are ready; I hope you enjoyed the advance look at this great pic!

First of all this video clip is in Spanish so I am far from able to translate it for you - feel free to comment on the conversations contained within on Disqus below!

This is an awesome FIRST LOOK at "Planet 51" from Ilion Animation of Spain! It is a stereoscopic 3D animation pegged for a July 24th, 2009 wide release - Yep - 2009. Thats gonna be one hell of a 3D year guys! Its great to get a look at it so much in advance...

If you will remember - Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Jessica Biel, Seann William Scott and Justin Long have all been attached to this movie to lend their voices. Its all about a reversal of sorts - the aliens on Planet 51 are frightfully worried about an invasion of their planet and the humans that land there encounter this 1950's style civilization for some great laughs.

I am really looking forward to this animation. Their first images looked amazing. It has a storyline that I find very intriguing and know I see that the quality of their work looks OUTSTANDING. My encoding may not be though lol. I am looking for a better file of it.

Video clip removed at the request of Ilion Animation.

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