Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old James Cameron "Avatar" T-Shirts Surface: Circa 1996 !

Wow - "Avatar" has been in development for a looooong time! This t-shirt was made back in 1996 when Digital Domain was working on preliminary concepts - and the guy who obtained this shirt says he has no idea what "The Ultimate..." means. Hmmm. Well it sure sounds as though the confidence level for this movie has been high for a long time too.

That "longevity of conception" as my t-shirt owner friend says, gives us hope that this movie will not turn out to be a dud like other super hyped sci-fi films (Matrix sequels, etc). That and the fact that James Cameron is helming it! The idea for "Avatar" has been around for so long that it really has grown into its own. Man, JC must be so passionate about this film - like a parent would be for a child really.

We are still working on obtaining some of those Avatar T-Shirts that someone saw being worn on the Star Trek set last year. I can't wait to see those - those creatures sound so hostile don't they?

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