Thursday, June 26, 2008

Audition Update: The Cheshire Cat In Tim Burton's 3D "Alice In Wonderland"

Recently I have been taking more of an interest in the casting of 3D movies, but none hold more interest with me than Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland".

Well Tim has been busy! He has been casting for the timeless role of "The Cheshire Cat" and man oh man - what a role to sink your teeth into!

45 year old Vyelle Croom has auditioned for the role recently - no word on just how well he did, but we will do a little more digging to try and find out. Perhaps some light can be shed on the spotlight role of Alice...

So who do you think should fit into the Cheshire Cat's smile? How about the role of Alice? This movie is going to cause a landslide of free social media advertising for Disney - it has block buster written all over it...

Photo courtesy of BBC

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