Friday, July 11, 2008

Avatar Exclusive! Na'vi character design first look!

Hey everyone, Michael here with the FIRST EVER peek at Avatar character artwork that can be CONFIRMED to originate from within the production!

This above design is on the back of a t-shirt that was raffled off to various Avatar crew members by actor Sam Worthington. This is the same t-shirt that was spotted on the set of Star Trek last December.

Check out the front title text of the shirt here, with "AVATAR" written in red:

The Na'vi character on the shirt is portrayed in silhouette, much like the bansheeray design Marketsaw revealed back in May. Despite the masking of details, lots of awesome character details can be seen:

1. Check out the bow and arrows she is carrying!

2. Are those two points on the top of the head part of some kind of head dress? Or do the Na'vi simply have catlike ears?

3. It seems as though the Na'vi have three toes.

4. By looking at the shoulders, a piece of the character's hunting attire / armor can be spotted!

Based on its svelte figure, this particular Na'vi appears to be female. Could this be Ney'tiri (played by Zoe Saldana) we are looking at? If so, this could be the first partial look at a new headlining James Cameron character! I have no doubt that Avatar has the potential to introduce characters that will be ranked alongside, if not above, the classic characters and creatures of Cameron's past films.

With Avatar's release still 17 months away, let us hope that Cameron and Fox pull back the curtains more soon. Can you even imagine how awesome and awe-inspiring that first teaser trailer will be? I have goosebumps just thinking about it.
Also, what do you all make of the cool design surrounding the Na'vi silhouette? At a distance it resembled some kind of scorpion creature, but in close up the design is more abstract.

Could it be some kind of Na'vi symbol or artwork? Perhaps an insignia of some kind? Post your thoughts below!

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