Thursday, September 11, 2008

AVATAR Na'vi Unveiled? How The Heck Did We Miss This One??

WHOA. Thanks to reader "Hector" who sent in this this golden nugget:

"I can see a na'vi creature on the picture of the set, is right to the thing that has L8 written on it, and is close to the curtain. It has red hair, blue skin and seems very tall, it's visible just from waist up!"

Awesome find Hector! Jeez how did we miss that? The boys on the AVATAR production crew must be getting a laugh at our expense - but now we have a little something going on! I have also tried to enhance the image somewhat below - again, if someone with a better touch than I can enhance that shot - send it over! Again, the hi rez shot can be downloaded here (click 'download' above the image).

What do you guys make of this first ever glimpse of a Na'vi? Awesome or what? Finally a glimpse!! Click images for blow ups...

Is this a mannequin or a live actor walking out to The Volume? Is it male or female? Those look like breasts to me - or is it just the 'vest' sticking out? Now imagine it with a tail from this authenticated silhouette image. And Hector is right - this Na'vi is damn tall just as was thought from the original scriptment. Using the 8 foot ladder in front of the curtain as a reference - just follow the fold line on the curtain across to the Na'vi and it has got to be 8.5 feet to 9 feet tall!

It's looking pretty damn creepy! I don't know about you, but I am getting those familiar Bill Paxton "We’re all gonna die, game over man, game over." feelings about this one!

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