Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Avatar" Teaser Material Coming Soon? Pics of Theatrical Distribution Containers?

**UPDATE: Nov 17 - Michael here - The pics were taken on an iPhone on 11-16-08, according to the EXIF data. If they had been edited in photoshop, I do not think the device info would still come up as originating from an iPhone.

Images came from a user named b33555x on IMDB who happened upon them on the Internet. No word where he found them.

Jim here guys. This could be what we are waiting for, or it could be completely bogus! I have no idea at this moment but I am on the horn to everyone I know to verify if this is authentic. A dedicated reader of MarketSaw (thanks Darkoo) sent me these images but is uncertain of the origin on the Internet.

If it IS authentic, then we have AVATAR teaser material and it looks to be a substantial amount - 3 minutes and 57 seconds worth! Makes me think it is a sequence from the movie itself rather than a trailer! Now that makes sense too as a trailer would probably draw upon the entire movie itself and it is not nearly complete yet. But segments are probably complete!

My best guess is this teaser will be shown at the 3D Entertainment Summit in LA (Dec 1-2) or at the 3DX Festival in Singapore (Nov 19-23) (or both). Cameron is talking at BOTH. Not sure what movie (if any) this would be shown ahead of short term - still believe the first official trailer for AVATAR will be shown before ICE AGE3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS on July 1st, 2009.

Of course the bare film in the pics are not digital as, well a digital distribution would via Internet or hard drive.

What do you guys think? To me it seems a little concocted with having the bare film reels sitting beside the canisters, but hey, maybe this spy has VERY inside access to this stuff! Let's put it this way: I WANT to believe. And there is opportunity coming up very soon for Cameron to unleash this upon us...

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