Friday, November 21, 2008

New Ice Age 3 Trailer "Scrat"ches Its Way Online!

Update (Friday night) -- I just got back from seeing BOLT, which is definitely Disney's best CG feature yet.  It's hilarious and full of action and heart and should definitely be seen in 3-D.  Anyway, I also saw this Ice Age 3 trailer in 3-D in front of Bolt, and it looked amazing--clear, smooth, and immersive.  I really felt an inch away from Scrat's funny-looking snout as he sniffed around for that acorn.  So all indications are that Fox is nailing the 3-D in Ice Age 3!

Hi everyone, Michael here with a brand new Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs trailer featuring everyone's favorite squirrel/rat hybrid, Scrat! And this time, Scrat may even have a love interest. But who will win Scrat's heart--The Acorn or the girl-squirrel?

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs stomps into 3-D and regular theaters on July 1.

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