Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"G-Force" Trailer Now Online: World's First 3D Hybrid Movie!

Jim here - we are getting our first look at Disney's G-FORCE by way of a trailer! And it does look very appealing.

I was recently talking with Rob Engle who is responsible for composition and final delivery of the Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney made G-FORCE. Rob said "It is a live action visual effects project (digital effects being added to plate photography). The plates were shot in 2-D using traditional techniques. The plates are being "converted" to 3-D while the digital effects are being rerendered for the other eye."

So G-FORCE is part 2D to 3D conversion and part CG. Very interesting technical project to say the least.

The storyline is of course going to appeal to kids and families and looks like a traditional and entertaining Disney movie. I have to admit I chucked a few times throughout this trailer and can tell that I will enjoy this one!

Check out the trailer:

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