Tuesday, December 02, 2008

MarketSaw Exclusive: James Cameron Talks Avatar Trailer!!! (3D-Summit)

UPDATE: I talked to Vince Pace, and he confirmed that the pictures of the reels (including the one on the left) are fake.  He has never heard of them, and he said he'd be in the position to know if something was going around. Also, he seconded Cameron's comment that Monsters Vs. Aliens would likely have the teaser / trailer. Oh, and Vince also said that the 3-D Avatar footage he has seen has completely blown him away in a way he has never been before....and this coming from someone who pretty much invented modern 3-D.  Vince's enthusiasm and hype level for what is coming with Avatar was infectious.  Look for more from Vince and PACE here at MarketSaw soon!

Hey everyone, Michael here.  I just got to the pressroom after briefly speaking to James Cameron after his keynote with Vince Pace here at the 3D Entertainment Summit.
There was no footage of any kind shown during the discussion, but Cameron did shed some light on when we starving fans might get the first, long-awaited glimpse of the sure to be awe-inspiring Avatar.  Here's a summary of what he told me:

1. Cameron has quite a few lengthy scenes from various parts of the film completed, but he said that he simply does not have enough finished material from throughout the film to cut a representative teaser.

2. He has not spoken with Fox much regarding trailer placement, but sees many options over Spring / Summer 2009 in terms of 3-D movies in front of which the trailer could play.

3.  When I mentioned Monsters Vs. Aliens as a possible trailer destination, he said that it was definitely possible we could see the trailer in front of that.

4. He emphasized that people will definitely know the movie is coming, and that he has challenged Fox to market this groundbreaking film in appropriately groundbreaking ways.

5.  When I told him how humongous and fervent the fansbase anticipating this film already is, and how we've been pining for the smallest morsel of information since before he had even chosen Avatar as his next project, he emphasized that whatever we expect it to be, it is sure to be something completely different.

Many thanks to Jim for taking the time to say hello and chat.  I'll have more on his presentation with Vince soon.

Image of James Cameron at 3D Entertainment Summit courtesy of Meant to be Seen

I will be speaking to Vince Pace later today, so look out for that!

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