Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Must See: First Look At Jim Carrey As Scrooge In "Disney's A Christmas Carol"


Hey guys - Jim here. A new source of mine sent me a rather interesting hi-res photo and I have been able to blow it up revealing some interesting pictures within the picture! The photo is of Robert Zemeckis' and DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

A couple people have asked why I placed A CHRISTMAS CAROL well above Pixar's UP in my list of most anticipated 3D movies in 2009. Because quite simply Zemeckis is going to astound with this effort - he has the knowledge and certainly has had the time to pull this one together and I say WATCH OUT.

First up is a new poster from the movie! It is clearly of Jim Carrey playing Scrooge - his face lit up by candlelight and superimposed over the streets of old London.

Can you feel it? I sure can - this movie is going to blow people's minds! Yeah, I am a Jim Carrey fan and with him playing SEVEN roles in this movie we should all get a taste of his range within a movie :-) Of course Gary Oldman is no slouch.

I will have more pics for you tomorrow from the same hi res photo and hopefully I can get more out of it as some of it is a bit grainy blown up.

ENJOY! And be sure to check back tomorrow!

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