Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BREAKING: Exclusive Photos From AVATAR After Party At CineExpo!!! **WARNING SPOILERS**

Guys - Jim here...

**WARNING SPOILERS** Do not view photos if you want a pristine viewing experience for James Cameron's AVATAR! You have been warned.

STUNNING photos from the After Party at CineExpo in Amsterdam has just landed in my inbox - I literally can't believe what I am seeing! The first shot is obviously of the AMP Suit and man, is it ever cool how it is lit up. This party was held right after the screening of the AVATAR clips for the lucky crowd at the industry show.

Click to enlarge!

The huge photo of course is of the projection on the wall in the after party room. There seems to be 3 projectors illuminating this mural and WOW... Do you get the feeling that this movie is going to just blow your mind? We finally get a glimpse of the Na'vi too!! Imagine their 9 foot height as well.

You certainly get the "Garden of Eden" feeling from this shot. Seems to be waterfalls behind the Na'vi - and the foliage and lighting! The Na'vi on the left appears to be in motion - hard to tell if it is running or walking, probably the former. Look at the scope and grandeur of the scene - it truly is another planet imagined and created from the ground up.

Now picture this in stunning stereoscopic 3D. James Cameron's 3D, not someone who has just been introduced to the format - we are talking perfect 3D imagery here.

And of course you all should note that the plant life at night is NOT green! It is very much bioluminescient! The AMP Suit photo also shows some foliage to the left. You guys that were disappointed with the green plants during the daytime will be suitably impressed with this.

It must be said that this may NOT be a scene from the movie as it is far too wide to be captured from it - however, the gist is the same. What I wouldn't give to be at the after party right now! :-)

The third photo is simply a blow up of the Na'vi from the second picture. They look stunningly graceful. And LARGE.

More on these breaking photos when I get it!! :-) If you are seeking info on AVATAR - keep on MarketSaw of course!

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