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Pandora's Box Opened - New AVATAR Stills! Sigourney And Zoe As Avatars!! SPOILERS!


Jim here. (Click to enlarge these!) One of my awesome readers from the UK - Matthew, sent me scans of the new Empire Magazine issue with AVATAR on the cover. As before I am showing you these images with the strong suggestion you buy the whole magazine to get the full story - but they certainly kick some butt.

First up is a closeup of Jake's avatar (Sam Worthington) with some tribal paint on - obviously after he leaves the lab after entering his host's body! :-) Notice the pores in his skin; the work in his eye's pupils - spectacular work. There are even little tiny baubles on his necklace. Amazing detail. In his second photo - look how his eyes are adjusting to the bright sunlight.

What does Worthington have to say about AVATAR? "I'll tell you what AVATAR is. It's a f*cking beast that is going to kick everybody in the head."

Next is Sigourney Weaver's avatar - notice any resemblance? Wow - stunning. Note that Grace's avatar is not as old here - Na'vi age much slower than humans in the story.

Certainly nailed that nose of hers! And bloodshot eyes. Amazing. I think that this really gives us a sense of the motion capture technology potential here for facial performances. Here we have an older Sigourney acting in an avatar's body while the performance is rendered with her younger face! Anything is possible as you can see - and will see in December.

Her human form gives that sense of credibility that every science fiction movie requires. If there was one woman who carries her own on an alien world, it is Ripley. Errr, Sigourney.

Zoe Saldana's avatar looks damn good here. Again they are nailing the hardest parts - eyes, mouth...

The second image of Neytiri surpasses even the first one! The headpiece she is wearing and the level of detail in her hair and face boggles the mind. Truly a work of art. You can't say this isn't photo realistic!

I went ahead and blew up the second image to give you a better feel of the intricacy. Simply astonishing. Keep in mind that these are magazine scans - not original photos, but obviously Matthew did a great capturing them. But you can expect even better results than these images once you see them in stereoscopic 3D and high definition digital. Or IMAX Film. It will be unlike anything before.

The level of accomplishment that has been achieved here is far from merely evolutionary - it is revolutionary in every sense. It is not just for AVATAR here guys; it is for all the future body of work for Weta too (and the other contributors) - AVATAR has brought us the future of cinema here. The same techniques and technology can be used on future projects and we are seeing the catalyst. It is not everyday this happens. It is a privilege to witness it happening! Our future movies to look forward to, just jumped up several notches.

What do you guys think of these shots? :-P Are you looking forward to the movie of the decade or what??

Lang's character looks like it is a winner. I can't say enough about the casting - superb job. Intense fellow isn't he? For good reason - Pandora's box is opened to be opened.

That is a nasty set of scars he has acquired. Any guesses as to whose claws made this close encounter? Looks like he hits the weights before his scenes as well - good job Mr. Lang!

Why haven't we heard more from Michelle Rodriguez? Normally she is front and center with promoting and dropping bombshells but she has been remarkably quiet during the past few months. She did let slip that her character dies - but we pretty much figured that out anyway. Nothing more to say there MR? :-)

We finally get a look at how she appears in AVATAR and it is your standard, pensive stare of a (doomed?) pilot - again perfect casting. I am a big fan of her work and she deserves to carry a movie soon - VERY soon. Will she become part of Cameron's future work? CALLED IT.

I am awestruck with what I am seeing here. It really is amazing. Can't wait for more to be revealed - and of course the finished product. I want to remind you to buy the full Empire Magazine to get all the details!

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