Saturday, November 21, 2009

AVATAR Running Time: 150 Minutes

Jim here. According to THR, AVATAR's running time is set at 150 minutes. Bruce Snyder, President of Domestic Distribution for Fox made the statement with the caveat that credits may push it to 156 minutes.

From THR:
"It is unclear exactly how many theaters AVATAR will open in, but Snyder estimates it will play in 3D in about 2,500 locations on about 3,500 screens. It will also be available in about 1,500 other locations in 2D, where it could play multiple screens in each theater complex. That would indicate an opening on a minimum of 5,500 screens and possibly significantly more, and that's just in the U.S. It will also open in theaters in countries around the world.

Cameron has said that one of the constraints on his decision about running time was the Imax runs. AVATAR will open day-and-date in 3D in about 180 domestic Imax theaters (which is included in the 2,500 locations) and several dozen more internationally. In those theaters that are not yet converted to digital projection, they are limited to two of the giant platters that hold the film, which caps the length of a movie using the system at 170 minutes, which thus became the maximum length that Cameron was willing to let AVATAR run. In fact, he came in well under that with his final edit."

Interesting that Cameron managed to cut down AVATAR to that level.
It must have been heartwrenching to have to choose what made it and what didn't. As my mother says in these situations: "It's a delicious dilemma". Still, I wouldn't mind seeing a slightly shortened AVATAR in IMAX and see a full length RealD screening. In fact, it would be a good way to get double screenings from many people.

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