Wednesday, March 03, 2010

James Cameron Talks SANCTUM!

Jim here. James Cameron was on Australia's Gold Coast recently to promote his upcoming production SANCTUM.

(left to right) Director Alister Grierson; Executive Producer James Cameron; Writer/Producer Andrew Wright.

From the Brisbane Times: The film Sanctum, he says, speaks volumes to the unique relationship between a father and son, and the fragility of that bond when faced with the onslaught of nature.

Says Cameron: "It’s really a character driven piece and the 3D should only be part of enhancing the experience."

Yet the location for the film is perhaps its star.

The film, with a cast including Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakesfield, Ioan Gruffand, Alice Parkinson and Dan Wyllie, explores an underwater cave system.

At the centre of the narrative is a team of underwater cave divers on an expedition to the depths of the ocean.
"3D works best in a very claustrophobic environment where you really feel finitely that the walls are only a few feet away," Cameron says.

"I think people are going to be [find themselves] with accelerated heart rates, tight breathing and white knuckles when they go throw the experiences of this film."

He, however, has taken a back seat, relinquishing the director’s chair for Australian filmmaker and Tropfest winner Alister Grierson.

"As a director myself I know how I like to be treated - I like to be supported and I like not to be told what to do.

"So I’m like a fairy godmother sort of producer - I just add the money and stand back. I’m here like the salesman - I’m selling you a new BMW. I didn’t build the damn thing, I’m just selling it."

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview right here. Thanks to @ProjectCould for the heads up! The more I hear about this project, the more I want it in theaters right now!

Photo credit: Steve Holland

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