Monday, February 24, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Source Update On AVATAR Sequels ! Something More Valuable Than Unobtainium !! More Worlds!

Ok guys - here's the latest on James Cameron's upcoming AVATAR 2 (nothing concrete yet on the others)! You know MarketSaw is best known for it's AVATAR and STAR WARS coverage, well we're continuing in that tradition today. First the STAR WARS update, and now AVATAR.

Pandora awaits, so let's dive into it (pun intended):

My source is in italics:
"The Avatar universe is progressing through various changes and stages. It's going to be the most ambitious post ever attempted. As I told you many years ago Stephen Lang is going to assume his iconic role again. In more ways than one next time out."
- Probably the most ambitious due to a combination of Cameron's scale and pushing the limits of his team and the effort it will take in post-production to handle 4K 3D in 48 or 60 frames per second!

"Suites are being upgraded to allow for a quicker post workflow, allowing the elements captured to be integrated into architecture in a less cumbersome load out, and allowing for more dexterity to be captured in real-time."
- Cameron's performance capture volume is going to be a thing of beauty! Would love to see shooting in action.

"There are going to be many battles, both above and below Pandora. Other solar bodies in the system will be explored too and will have interesting inter-connectivity. Big ideas, epic in scope, hard science, and the future military getting the green light to teach those naughty natives a lesson, only to stumble onto something far more valuable than unobtainium. It's going to be 'big' in all senses of the word, and that's just 2."
- Hello. Something more valuable than Unobtainium ($20 million a kilo)! What physical properties will THAT have? What fantastic environment will that create for us to explore? I love the hard science Cameron puts into his stories too. Of particular note here is the inter-connectivity between worlds! So an extension of Eywa? Something more sinister or a greater defense possibility against humans? A lot of questions. "Big" in quotes? Perhaps larger fauna for humans to deal with...

More when I get it! AVATAR 2 is slated for a December 2016 release.

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