Monday, August 10, 2020

SEE: New Crabsuit Vehicle from James Cameron's AVATAR Sequels!

James Cameron's AVATAR sequels are well underway again thanks to New Zealand's control of the coronavirus outbreak. Further evidence of the production moving along is the recent release of these concept art images from producer Jon Landau revealing the new Crabsuit vehicles for underwater duties.

The Crabsuits are "human driven multifunction submersibles" and are one of the assortment of new vehicles from RDA (Resources Development Administration). RDA is the "largest single non-governmental organization in human space. Its power is such that it outmatches most of Earth governments in wealth, political influence, and military capability."

If there was any doubt that the AVATAR sequels will have a large underwater component, consider it now quashed.

Note the large lettering on the arm of the Crabsuit, "CET-OPS", likely Cetaceous Operations, though cetaceous refers to Earthbound mammals of the order Cetacea (ex. whales).

Of course, you can expect a multitude of these Crabsuits being deployed undersea on Pandora (and/or other worlds), most likely from the "Sea Dragon" (also pictured), a "massive mothership that carries an array of other sea-going craft in the sequels."

In what state theatrical release be living in on December 16, 2022, no one knows. Hopefully, we will be well on our way to full recovery, post Covid-19. We can all use something to look forward to and the AVATAR sequels definitely fill the bill!

Here are the upcoming release dates as they are currently slated:

AVATAR 2 (Dec. 16, 2022)

AVATAR 3 (Dec. 20, 2024)

AVATAR 4 (Dec. 18, 2026)

AVATAR 5 (Dec. 22, 2028)

Sources: Jon Landau | Avatar Wiki

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