Monday, December 10, 2007

Beowulf Recoups Production Costs: Surpasses $150 million Worldwide

Update (Jan 4/08): Beowulf passes $190 million mark worldwide. For updates on box office for the movie go here.

Beowulf topped $150 million in box office receipts from domestic ($76 million) and foreign ($75 million) this past weekend, which is how much it cost to produce this outstanding 3D adventure. Take a look at how the box office fared over the past weeks here. From here on, it looks like gravy as I believe they included their marketing costs in that original figure.

Look for continued legs for this film from the patrons and 3D enabled theater owners, especially the ones who are just now opening their doors to the new 3D technology from Real D, Dolby or IMAX. And why not? 3D is carrying this movie despite a limited number of 3D theaters (but rapidly growing - see the list here). So while 2D theaters are reverting back to say the upcoming "I am Legend", the 3D theaters are still bashing Grendel's eardrum.

Yes, Beowulf will continue to show nice returns well past New Years Day. Perhaps longer. U23D does not open until January 23rd, so that seems to be the hard stop day. Lots of time for profits.

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