Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hobbit Announcement Followup: There IS TIME to DIRECT!

As promised in the comment section of yesterday's Jackson post, here is an update from the very sources that provided the Jackson announcement details WELL in advance.

We discussed a few things, primarily of course was "The Hobbit". We REMAIN STEADFAST that Jackson will direct The Hobbit. All indications were that he was to be super heavily involved and nothing has changed whatsoever.

What I have heard is that Jackson will wrap up "The Lovely Bones" with a nice bow and then turn around to Steven Spielberg and say that he cannot take the reins of Tintin until the third iteration. That is to say, Spielberg will work his magic for the first Tintin feature, Zemeckis (YES. Zemeckis is the name I heard!) will work his magic for the second and Jackson for the third. Aside from the potential shuffling of the pecking order of Tintin, each iteration will only take about 30 days of shooting and the rest would be post-production.

"District 9" from what I gather will be temporarily back-burnered.

By delaying "District 9" shuffling the "Tintin" order somewhat (but still maintaining his contractual obligations), Jackson frees up enough time to shoot two Hobbit movies back to back and still get another Oscar (or ten). And heck, even if he did Tintin right away - it is a relatively fast shoot.

There is simply FAR too much at stake to risk placing another Director in that chair. Jackson's credibility is on the line here bigtime. The Hobbit must not fail. If he screws up "The Hobbit" by hiring a figurehead Director who is torn between his own vision and that of the Overlord Producer - thats whats gonna happen! Jackson knows that. He will take full responsibility for the success and helm it. He would probably fire ANY director that took the job anyway, just as he did with actor Ryan Gosling. Its gotta be a perfect duo of movies and nobody can do it better than the man himself. Again, he KNOWS that.

Look for the Zemeckis announcement that he is directing the second iteration of Tintin.

I will post more when I get it. Look for a source update on Avatar with the next post!

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