Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Avatar Is Gonna be KICKASS: 100% Photorealistic!

Sure Avatar was delayed by what amounts to several weeks at the beginning of the shoot. But one month does not equate 6 months - so what does James Cameron have up his sleeve by delaying the release until Xmas 2009?

Photorealism. PHOTOREALISM. 100%. As in this sucker looks like live action, but its NOT. It's a combo of live and performance capture and a whole lot of Weta CGI. My sources at Weta have passed on to me that Avatar is going to kick some serious ass - imagine any set you wanted (new planets allow you to do that!) and any character you wanted (alien creatures allow you to do that!) and one of the world's great storytellers piloting the ship. Now add in photorealistic special effects. Its gonna look very real. Now add in the world's most advanced 3D technology. This movie is going to be the new standard without question.

The only new movies on the horizon that have a chance of competing are the two Hobbits. And we all know who is doing the special effects for Jackson don't we? The photorealistic crew at Weta. And as you already know 'cause you heard it here first, The Hobbits are gonna be in 3D. With Jackson at the helm, they may very surpass Avatar for "awesomeness supremacy".

Either way you slice it, Weta can't lose. Awesome people you got there Peter.

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