Tuesday, April 08, 2008

China Has Dipped Their Toe Into The 3D Pool: Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF)

China has recognized the coming 3D revolution in Hollywood and is taking some action. The Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF) even warranted that the Acting Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology), [now thats a title!] Alan Siu, to be there. He officiated at a ceremony to launch the forum.

From China View:

"Under the theme "Immersive Media: What's Next in Creative Digital Content - 3D Cinema", the forum attracted around 300 participants, including local digital entertainment industry practitioners, academics, digital media professionals and visual effects specialists."

"To engage the audience in the ultimate 3D immersive experience, DELF 2008 used the first Dolby 3D system in Hong Kong to show breath-taking 3D movie-clips from different speakers."

"DELF 2008 was one of the nine core events of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong, and an initiative in the 2008 Digital 21 Strategy of " Building on Hong Kong's position as a world digital city."

If I know China, they are aiming massively higher than just Hong Kong. Guard your IP fellas!

Source: China View

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