Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another 3D Conference To Watch: Dimension 3 Expo - France

Wow. The industry's interest in 3D is really taking flight - perhaps orbit is a better term! Yet another 3D conference to track and potentially attend is France's Dimension 3 Expo in Chalon sur Saone (Espace des Arts) from June 3rd to 5th.

Here is the conference schedule.

If I were going this year (can't), then I would definitely fly into Paris and take the fast TGV trains - btw, here are the train schedules to look at :-)

By train :
TGV station: Le Creusot Montceau (30-minute drive to Chalon)

7 TGVs daily from Paris to Le Creusot

Departure from Paris Gare de Lyon Arrival at Paris Gare de Lyon Duration
05:54 07:16 1h22
07:54 09:15 1h21
09:54 11:15 1h21
13:54 15:14 1h20
15:54 17:15 1h21
17:54 19:15 1h21
19:54 21:15 1h21

7 TGVs daily from Le Creusot to Paris
Departure from Le Creusot Arrival at Paris Gare de Lyon Duration
06:45 08:07 1h22
08:40 10:03 1h23
11:50 13:13 1h23
13:44 15:03 1h19
16:41 18:03 1h22
18:41 20:03 1h22
20:40 22:03 1h23

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