Friday, April 25, 2008

Confusion Reigns Over Conflicting Reports! Is There A THIRD Hobbit Movie Planned??

SAME DAY UPDATE: Interview with Guillermo del Toro and TORn on April 25th:

GDT: You know, I traveled to New Zealand just a little while ago, and one of the main reasons for going was to sit down and talk about the second film. ‘The Hobbit’, the book, is really one self-contained film, so for the second movie we sat down and worked it out. When we did this we got really excited because this second film is not a ‘tag on’, it’s not ‘filler’, it’s an integral part of telling the story of those 50 years of history lost in the narrative. There will be certain things that we will see from the first movie but from a different point of view, but it will feel like a volume, in the 5 volumes of the entire story. It will not feel like a bridge, I’ve been hearing it called ‘a bridge film’, it’s not, it’s an integral chapter of the story, and I think we’re all on the same page.

In essence this tells us that THE HUFFINGTON POST is WRONG. I will be deleting this post shortly. Granted GDT is not very clear here, but anyone can see that the second movie will NOT be part of the book as the book does not cover those years! Grrr. Thanks Arianna.

Pure speculation at this point based on two conflicting reports:
The Huffington Post has posted on April 24th that New Line has corrected an error in that the first Hobbit movie will be based on "The Hobbit" book by Tolkien and that the second movie will bridge that first Hobbit movie with the three "Lord Of The Rings" movies. The Huffington Post states:

"Please note that this version DELETES INCORRECT reference to second movie spanning time between "Hobbit" and "Rings"; New Line now says movies are based on book only."
This new information is completely different from the official word posted April 24th from the official movie blog of "The Hobbit" known as The Hobbit Blog. The official blog states:
"Del Toro will move to New Zealand for the next four years to work with Jackson and his Wingnut and WETA production teams. He will helm the two films back to back – telling the story of “The Hobbit,” and its sequel, which will deal with the 60-year period between “The Hobbit” and “The Fellowship of the Ring,” the first of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy."
So these conflicting reports could indicate a number of things:
1. There will be a THIRD movie that links "The Hobbit" 1 & 2 with the LOTR trilogy!
2. The period of time between "The Hobbit" and LOTRs will be left empty cinematically. (UNLIKELY as hundreds of millions of dollars would not be generated).
3. The Huffington Post is in error.
4. The official Hobbit Blog is in error.
DISCUSSION: If there were two movies based on "The Hobbit" book alone (which Guillermo del Toro would do a simply EXCELLENT job at in my estimation!) and a third installation between "The Hobbit" and LOTRs directed by the man himself, Peter Jackson - isn't that THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?

The more 3D movies the better... :-)

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