Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hobbit Helmer News THIS WEEK! Stay Tuned...

According to Cinematical, we should have word this week on whether Gulliermo del Toro will be doing the Hobbit movie(s) or not. Interesting that he should phrase it that way! Or not. What does that mean? :-)

Del Toro told the floor at the NY Comic Con that we should have the news in 4 or 5 days and that was yesterday! I wonder if they will disclose that the Hobbit(s) will be shot in 3D at that time? Hmmm.

We still fully expect to hear that del Toro is doing the first Hobbit movie ONLY with Peter Jackson helming the second. Alternatively, they could co-direct both of them (but the chances are much smaller for that to happen). Of course we are still holding out for Jackson to just do it all. Just like LOTRs and all will be the same as it was before!

No recent word out of Jackson's camp as to what is going on!

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