Friday, April 18, 2008

New Internet Trailer: "Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D" - More Background And What To Expect At The Theater

This trailer adds a lot to the original attempt, which was almost laughable really.

In this reboot of the original, they have added a little background to the clips as well as what to expect while watching the movie. They are not pretending to be a serious movie here folks - THIS IS NOT AN AVATAR WANNABE. They recognize the movie for what it is: A ride. An amusement park ride.

I have said this before, if a movie critic walks into a horror movie and critiques it against say, "Juno", then in most cases the horror movie will fail miserably. Many critics do this - they simply do not distinguish and appreciate the genre and rate it accordingly.

So do yourself a favor and before you go into the "Journey 3D" theater, make sure you are expecting a ride and you will enjoy yourself (probably!). But if you go in expecting to not see the flagrant misuse of 3D objects comin' at ya and stomach turning roller coaster rides then save yourself the time.

After seeing this trailer, I have a greater understanding of expectations and that's half the battle with pre-movie marketing vs. the actual experience. I am still a bit concerned, but hey - I will give it a chance. I like rides like most other people!

Here is the brand new trailer!

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