Monday, April 28, 2008

Horrorween 3D To Be Picked Up By... Sony?

In a recent interview with Film School Rejects about producing horror movies and "Zombie Strippers", Jenna Jameson states that:

"...she is signed on for two more horror films through Sony – Sick, which she describes as “a thriller/horror movie” and another comedy-horror flick called Horrorween."

Which obviously leads me to believe that Sony is about to make a pitch for the upcoming horror spoof movie that our contest winner will also be in! Sony does not have an stake in Horrorween as of yet, but this appears to validate rumors that Sony may acting soon.

Steven Spielberg may be interested in the comedy as well - his sister Nancy is also involved with a leading role!

Check out the long list of roles/cameos in Horrorween! Jenna and Brad Milne are in both Zombie Strippers and Horrorween 3D.

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