Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Karl Urban Signs On For 3D Pic "Relentless"

Karl Urban has signed on with Baldwin Entertainment to bring "Relentless" to the big 3D screens. The film will be helmed by Demian Lichtenstein ("3000 Miles To Graceland") who just finished shadowing James Cameron as he was shooting "Avatar" to pick up the tools of the 3D trade. Lichtenstein also gleaned 3D prowess from Phil McNally and James Mainard over at Dreamworks.

The $25 million feature will be focused on "...four extreme sports professionals who survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle, and must use all their survival instincts as they are hunted by a group of homicidal natives." according to Variety.

"I am fascinated with the new 3-D technology and know that this script is a perfect match to take advantage of the unlimited potential of what 3-D can do,” Lichtenstein commented. “After being mentored by James Cameron on the set of his new 3-D film ‘Avatar,’ I knew that 3-D movies are no longer just a fad. It is the future of filmmaking."

Sounds like a great premise for a movie and without Urban in a viking outfit this pic should be golden.

If I were a director in Hollywood right now, I would damn well be on Cameron's tail too - watching his every move. If you are not positioning yourself RIGHT NOW, then you are playing a fool's game...

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