Friday, April 18, 2008

Jim Dorey Says Its Gonna Be Gory!

Put on your Hostel splatter protection gear folks, this is going to get NASTY.

Alexandre Aja, the director of "The Hills Have Eyes" (another nasty bit of work there too) is also directing the "Piranha" remake which will be shot in 3D and is pegged for a July 24th release in 2009. has a short interview with him where he fires off this rocket:

The prospect of directing the first R-rated live-action 3-D movie was "the only reason that we're making that movie. We are thinking, ... let's imagine, like, a real horror movie, a real R-rated movie, in 3-D. That would be the ultimate experience. That would be the ultimate immersion of the audience into the nightmare."

"Basically, it's about fish killing and eating drunk, stupid college kids," he said with a laugh. "So it's really about that. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's going to be about ... the revenge of the piranha. They messed up with the lake. They messed up with nature." He added that the movie will explore "what would be the ultimate scary thing that could happen to you. ... And that brings fun ideas of how to be really gory."
Horror films in modern 3D are not new (See Scar 3D and a new horror spoof Horrorween which YOU could actually be in!) but you can see the direction things are going already. Take what works today in 2D and amp it up in 3D and really take 'em for a ride!
"There is ... a fun dimension in the real gore," Aja said. "I mean, we're going to explore that in Piranha. Piranha is super gore. It's like, we are ready to break all the records of blood used."
Welllll... I must say that sounds very interesting. Wonder if Aja will doubled up a few thousand times on this recipe:

How To Make Fake Blood!

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