Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amanda Seyfried Interested In Tim Burton's 3D fantasy "Alice In Wonderland"

Amanda Seyfried of the recently completed "Mamma Mia" said she really hopes to land the role of Alice. Not too bad a choice I suppose, but I am still leaning toward Johnny Depp in the role! :-) Of course she could also be up against Lindsay Lohan :-(

I have to say that judging by the early and very public actors' interest and my readers' casting questions about "Alice In Wonderland" - the movie is bound for a bountiful booty in box office worldwide. Yeah alliteration, I went with it ok?

Amanda had this to say to The DailyMail:

Tim Burton’s shooting Alice in Wonderland in London and I think I’m a real candidate for that. I mean, I’m not even close [to being cast] and it’s very far away, but I want it really badly because I respect him so much as a director. He likes weird-looking people for his movies,’ she grins, ‘so I’m really hoping. Plus it would mean coming back to London."

Well good luck Amanda. That movie has some serious shoes to fill and I have all the confidence in the world in Tim Burton and Disney to pull it off. It is going to be simply awesome in 3D - an immersive fantasy journey down a rabbit hole - what more can you ask for?

Original image via DailyMail

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