Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Post: The Writer Of "My Bloody Valentine" Has Some Interesting Comments About The Production

Todd Farmer, one of the script writers for "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" has some interesting tidbits of behind the scenes info about the production of the movie here.

Here is a comedic excerpt:

"I was telling Kerr and Edi that Edi’s part and their banter got both longer and better after they were cast. For the simple reason that Patrick (and myself) really liked them together. Patrick told me pretty much exactly how he saw them in his head and I went home and pretty much wrote exactly what he wanted. But when I said this to Kerr and Edi, Edi knew me only as some no name day-playing actor who had suddenly walked up and started talking like he owned the place. He was like, “Uh…I don’t see it that way.” Then turned to Kerr, “Do you?” So I tried to explain myself by saying the script used to be this and that, which did little more than baffle Edi as to how in the big wide world did this bald moron of an actor read early versions of the script? Finally, I think Edi said something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, who are you?” Which is when Kerr jumped in and said, “He’s the writer.” So, in my attempt to give these guys a compliment, I made one of them feel silly. Nice stringing together of your words, Mr. Farmer. Keep it up. You should be a writer or something. A simple, “Hey, Edi, I worked as a writer on the movie. Your and Kerr’s auditions were so good, we ended up making your scenes together bigger.” I guess that would have been too easy. Not nearly complex and confusing enough."

I love reading the personal side of movie productions. For me, it is all part of the build up of hype for a movie - the more insider comments and stories, the more anticipation that builds. I don't mean the planned promo work that the headline actors participate in; I mean anything from background actors, makeup, stunt people, etc that are NOT planned. Thats gold.

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