Monday, July 28, 2008

"Journey To The Center Of The Earth" 3D Still Kicking Butt

Jim here. Well what do you know? JOURNEY 3D is still raking in respectable dollars at the box office and after having recouped its production costs, it is now into pure profit mode. This is quite astounding as it had to fight off a couple of new entries this weekend, but it still managed to overcome THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE on Saturday and Sunday. Amazing.

Adding in the international receipts and JOURNEY 3D is now at ~$72m. The numbers are showing amazing durability for the 3D movie as more and more families are realizing the value of seeing it. There is littl
e violence in the movie aside from an attacking T-Rex which never does land a bite and death is only hinted at and is not focused on at all. Some scenes can be intense yes, but can be easily explained away to a child of correct age. I feel comfortable bringing a child to this movie and so do others it seems! For such a moderate budget movie to do so well in 3D is awesome for the industry. Heck, JOURNEY 3D did twice the business of Hellboy 2 this weekend and they were released at the same time. Again the power of 3D screens comes to bear as JOURNEY 3D is in only 2,688 theaters, while X-FILES was in 3,185 and HB2 in 3,018.

The success of JOURNEY 3D is certainly setting the stage for FLY ME TO THE MOON which is due out in theaters this August 15th.

Images and Stats courtesy of Box Office Mojo

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