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Quick Post: Industry's First 3D Entertainment Summit Announced

Bob Dowling former Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Hollywood Reporter and President of the Bob Dowling Group based in Los Angeles and Unicomm, LLC a Connecticut based leading event management company announced today the creation of the 3D Entertainment SummitTM. Focused entirely on 3D film, video gaming and home entertainment markets, 3D Entertainment Summit is the industry's first business event exclusively designed to address both the long and short term business strategies affecting this emerging marketplace. The event is scheduled for December 1-2, 2008 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

As an increasing number of new major motion pictures are released in 3D, many of the top studios and prestigious filmmakers have not only embraced this technology but have committed to incorporating 3D as part of their artistic and long-term economic plans.

Jeffery Katzenberg, Chief Executive Officer and President of Dreamworks Animation Inc. will be introducing the event and providing opening comments to event attendees.

"The next generation of 3D represents a dazzling new innovation in filmmaking and film going. What our filmmakers are able to create using these new state of the art digital tools is absolutely amazing, "stated Mr. Katzenberg. "To date there have been two great revolutions in movies, from silent film to talkies and from black and white to color. The next revolution arrives in 2009 when movies go from 2D to 3D."

The 3-D Entertainment Summit is an exclusive business event dedicated to the promotion and education of 3D technology, marketing and distribution. It's the one place where individuals and organizations will find out who stands to gain or lose from the success of the 3D entertainment revolution.

"The 3D Entertainment Summit is this year's most crucial educational and networking event for developing business strategies to harness the explosion in 3D entertainment," added Bob Dowling.

The purpose of the summit is two-fold. First attendees from all facets of the industry will come to gain insight, education and a vision of how things will evolve, what strategies they can implore to leverage this opportunity, and how the creation, marketing and distribution supply chain will coalesce to feed 3D demand. Of equal importance, a highly successful Sponsorship program has been created so that pioneering companies who are in the forefront of this technology can continue to gain market awareness and most importantly educate the relevant stakeholders in the entertainment and motion picture theater industry about their products.

"3D entertainment continues to make a fundamental impact in the entertainment industry, from conception to production, from directing to distribution," added John Golicz, CEO of Unicomm, LLC a leading event management and production organization. "More than any other technology, 3D is about to change everything."

The 3D Entertainment Summit brings the most prominent filmmakers, studio executives, media, financial analysts, associations and industry stakeholders together in one place at one time, all focused and ready to learn how this technology needs to be part of their long-term business plans.

Highlighting the event will be a sophisticated three track conference program featuring over 20 sessions and over 50 speakers all exclusively focused on 3D and geared to deliver leading insights, market direction and business strategies.

The events unique format will include breakout forums covering strategic business issues in Technology, Content Production / Post Production and Playback and Distribution.

Attendees will learn from the experts in informative sessions covering topics such as:

* 3D Filming-Art or Technology,
* Consumer Demand How much more will they pay?
* Production hurdles What do I need to buy and how much more am I going to spend?
* Winning in the Theater How and what technology will Theater Owners adopt?
* Is 3D a FAD or is it here to stay?
* Technology where do you bet and how do you win?
* Will the Studios lead the pack?
* Blue Ray On Demand, when will 3D hit the home?
* Animation and 3D: Where is the future going and who is leading the pack?
* Will 3D win over Wall Street: Where is the 3D market, and just how big is it?
* 3D & Gaming How professional cinema influences the gaming industry.

To enhance industry interaction the event's organizers have developed a unique showcase area of the event to allow technology and service vendors to meet with industry stakeholders to discuss business issues, demonstrate products and build partnerships. Key sponsors will highlight 3D technology providing brief viewing shorts prior to general sessions.

For more information, please visit the event's website at

About Bob Dowling and The Bob Dowling Group:
For the last 17 years through 2007, Bob Dowling was editor-in-chief and publisher of The Hollywood Reporter and president of the VNU Business Media Film and Performing Arts Group.

During Dowling's tenure, The Reporter launched numerous new products, including the Web site, e-mail edition, weekly edition, THR East, Literary Hollywood, Festival de Cannes dailies and the Oscar Screening Guide, as well as many annual events such as the Women in Entertainment Power 100 stand-alone issue and its related breakfast event, the Next Generation ranking of prominent young executives, the Film and TV Music Conference and the reorganized Key Art Awards.

Dowling recently started his own information and consulting firm, the Bob Dowling Group, to serve clients looking to navigate the converging worlds of entertainment and technology, with the 3D Entertainment Summit as a lead project.

Sounds promising! Look for this event to build momentum in the coming months... Here is the contact info:

Contact: Jack Whitton
Executive Director
3D Entertainment Summit
Unicomm, LLC
203-878-2577 ex 102
jwhitton 3d-summit com

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